Sunday, June 19, 2011

weekend recap.

Clockwise from top left: pulled pork and roasted broccoli for dinner Saturday; a ghost pepper plant; mama duck leading her babies through our sub; hanging on the patio with Ally; breakfast of blueberries with sour cream and brown sugar; laying out on Sunday.

This weekend has been an exercise in the best kind of lazy self-care. Dale has been working over 60hr a week lately and he has been so beat. We really soaked up the opportunity to relax around the house and catch up on some sleep... my poor guy got in over 16 hours of sleep Friday night into Saturday. It was nice to see him snuggled up on the couch with the dogs, and I took the time to catch some sun and watch some movies on demand. :)

The coming week doesn't have much of anything exciting in store for us. We are in a tight spot budget-wise right now, so the plan is to keep it cheap with lots of dinners at home and maybe some trips to the state park after work. Hopefully the weather holds out!

Of course I have to wish my dad a happy fathers' day, even though odds are he we will never read this. I am so blessed to have the most incredible parents ever, and I am so thankful for my dad. He is one of the most awesome, unique people I know. My dad has taught me to treasure the little things, the every day things. He's introduced me to amazing music, cribbage, muscle cars, and flea markets. Even though I am almost 26 and have lived with Dale for over 3 years, my dad still changes my oil every 2500 miles, and writes my sticker for under because he knows I will procrastinate. I have gained so much from him, and I love when I can give back a little and teach him tricks on the computer. I love you so much, Dad.

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