Sunday, December 6, 2009

dishrag bender

this Thanksgiving holiday has given me lots of time to work on dishcloths. i remember i how much i love them because they are simple, portable, and offer near-instant gratification even for a new, slow knitter like me.

Reverse Miter & Wheatfield Dishcloths

these are the wheatfields and reverse miter dishcloths. [links are to ravelry project pages.] The patterns on both are super easy to memorize and cruise along once you get going. the reverse miter squares were knit on my ride home from dale's cottage after Thanksgiving; wheatfields i started after work on friday and finished saturday. one miter square will be kept here for personal use, and the others will probably be Christmas gifts for my mom.

ballband dishcloth

and this, of course, is a famous ballband dishcloth; i call it fire and water, lol. this was a stash-buster - it used all of the black and the pink variegated, and most of the blue variegated. started at about 10pm last night and finished it up this morning. i think this one will go to my sister for her apartment.

dale's 30!

one other exciting thing that happened over the holiday, but was not the holiday, was dale's birthday. he turned 30! it happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year, so his brother had the awesome idea of throwing him a surprise party the weekend before. dale was so surprised when we got home from dinner to a house full of his friends - he had no clue about our planning. we made 70 jello shots that were gone in less than an hour, and everyone had a great time - even little p, dale's nephew!

daddy's little wingman

[and yes, his shirt says 'daddy's little wingman' ;]

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  1. I loooove the first picture, the ribbing and design are so pretty! :) keep it up!
    xo, Lauren