Tuesday, June 21, 2011

today was a tuesday.

Last night after Dale and I did the dinner dance for longer than my meager patience could handle, we threw some fish sticks and curly fries in the oven and called it a meal. Yes, I've been out of elementary school for more than a decade and I ate fish sticks for dinner. Not even upscale, wild-caught fish sticks - nope, these are yellow-bag more-breading-than-fish. sticks. Craptastic. Sometimes, this is how I avoid going apeshit.

Afterward I needed to get out of my garbage mood and decided to make cookies. Obviously. I used the Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate mix [oh Costco, how I love thee!] and a quarter pound of Kerrygold butter. Y'know, on a whim; also because I have no restraint when I shop at Costco and no idea what do with a spare 3 pounds of Irish butter. But the cookies turned out delicious, and my furiousity died down enough that I was able to enjoy an evening of Masterchef with Dale.

And so now we're at today, which was alright, really. I was running late for work because I stopped to pick the lilies in the pic above from my garden, and I can think of worse reasons to be late. I was a little over-zealous in my picking and I yanked the bulb out of the ground; I then felt guilty to the plant so I dug around in my ginormous bag for a pocket knife, cut the flowers the right way, and tucked the bulb back into its bed. Today while I enjoyed these beauties on my desk, I was wishing good thoughts for my plant and its full recovery.

I also was congratulating myself on my forethought for bringing cookies to speed up a dragging afternoon. :)


  1. Sounds like a perfect evening. Fishsticks AND cookies? Winning! xo

  2. Few things cure a grump like butter an/or cookies, amiright? ;)