Monday, November 2, 2009


i was inspired by wendy's post about her desk. i mean, for some reason, i like to be nosy and see how other people function. that's neat, right - like a museum exhibit or something. and anyway, *i* spend alot of time at work. more time than at home, probably, so it's pretty important that my little box is cozy. wanna check it out?

this is a poorly-stitched panorama of my cubicle. in it, you can find things like a little etch-a-sketch; twilight branded band-aids; my jungle of animals, including lion, monkey, & hippo; ipod touch with bose earbuds [crucial!]; a fairy wand; vampire bust; and my 'what up dog' greeting card.

just out of sight is the 'insane asylum' sign hanging on my overhead bin.

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