Monday, November 9, 2009


i treated myself to some chocolate chip cookies from mcd's tonight. the guy got a big caramel frappe - yum! those are one of our favorites, and new to the mcdonald's in town. we were rewarding ourselves for raking and bagging the front yard in like 2 hours; let me tell you, that is truly an epic feat. we stopped at 9 bags, a half hour into dark. we probably could've even gotten one or two more, but we were tired, cranky, and ready to relax and eat dinner after work.

still, i was sweaty and needed to shower, so i ended up giving the puppy a shower with me. she was a dull, grimy shade of white from her weekend up north hunting, and had a small oak tree's worth of leaves in her pretty feathers. she is now clean and smelling yummy next to me, while i cuddle on the couch and enjoy my reward. it feels well deserved. :)

i would post a pic, but i didn't think about it in time, and just polished off the last one.

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